Fastest Cars in GTA 6

What could be one of the fastest cars in Grand Theft Auto 6? I would say it will be the Bugatti once again.

progen t20

The Progen T20 is known to be one of the fastest vehicle in GTA 5 but will there be any better car that can outperform the Progen T20 in Grand Theft Auto 6? Well, lets take a carefully look again at the infamous monster stats. It can go from Zero to 60MPH in less than 3 Seconds of a mile and the top speed that it could reached is around 220 MPH! It is equipped with a super awesome 4 Liters 800 Horse Power V8 Super Engine.


GTA 6 Vehicle

Next up challenger is the Grand Turismo R. The GTR came with a whopping price tag of $500k which came with 7.2 Liter V12 Engine bay. It can outperform the Progen by 0.2 seconds when it came down to 0-60MPH start up acceleration power however, the maximum speed it could obtain is 10 MPH below the Progen making it the 2nd runner in our GTA 6 Fastest car contest.


Entity XF GTA VI cars

The Entity XF is another super fast sports car in GTA 5 which will most likely get feature into GTA VI as well. It cost around $795K and its acceleration from 0-60MPH is around 3.5 seconds. All-Wheel Drive with a 4.5 Liter Engine box and weight at about 3.3 Tons


Zentorno gta 6 cars

Last but not least is the Zentorno. This car is very similar to the Lambornigi Aventor. It can go to 60MPH it just under 2.8 seconds and with a max speed of 213 Mile per hour. Came with a V12 Engine.



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