Sims Freeplay Cheats

We have the most popular and best Sims Freeplay cheats for both of the Android & iOS devices that you can use from below. If you do not already have the game installed on your smartphone, you can do so from the Play Store or App Store. The game price is free!


sims freeplay cheats

Sims’s Character feeling sick and throw up cheats:

In the Sims Freeplay, you can make your player feeling sick and vomiting by gathering all of your character in 1 location, then start shaking your devices hard enough to make them feel vomiting and dizzy.
Unimited Party Boat Gift

  • The first thing you would want to do is wait atleast 24 hours before clicking on your gift so it has enough time to cool down.
  • Start redeeming your gift once its available to be collected.
  • Press the home button on your devices but don’t exit the game completely.
  • Now change the time and date in settings to 1 day ahead of your current date.
  • Once you done that, you can head back to the game to claim another gift, repeat to profit!


Facebook Money Cheats

  • You will need to connect to Facebook and have some neighbors aswell.
  • Buy as much social items as you can from the home-store
  • After that sell your item for zero amount
  • Now log out of your Facebook account within the game, log back in again to get your neighbors back.
  • Finally, you can sell the items and get a lot of money back.


This cheat will show you how to obtain Simoleons while spending nothing

  • First head to Date and Time menu from the Settings, General tab.
  • Switch “Set Automactily” to off mode.
  • Set the year to the year after
  • Tap the home button twice.
  • Now delete Sims Freeplay from your multitask bar, you can do it by holding down and press the red button.
  • Now go back within the game and you will have 1,000+ simoleons!


Fast Money Gain Trick

  • Go to your city population and start rising the population.
  • Next have some of your Sims player plant anything you desire.
  • Now change the date from your game settings.
  • Head back to your game and you see that you have earned some extra Simoleons.


Purchase Furniture for Free

  • You need to have 2 Sims Freeplay game installed on two different Android devices.
  • Login to your party boat on the first device
  • And then save your data through the cloud from the 1st phone
  • Restart the game on the 2nd phone
  • Login to the same google account as you have used on the 1st phone.
  • On the 2nd phone, download the data from the cloud
  • Your 2 devices should have the same data which will enable you to purchase furniture and other stuff for free of charge.


Time Cheat

  • Start Cooking and Building whatever you want to do.
  • Save and Exit the game
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi connection
  • Change time to another year
  • Open the Sims game and you will see the message “Connection problems” appear.
  • Turn your Wi-Fi back on
  • Once you back in the game, you will see all of your planting and gardening has finished their process through the time skip.



I hope you enjoy the cheats, if you have any questions please leave a comment below.



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