SIMS 5 Release Date

The release date for Sims 5 is still unknown by its developer, however we can expect it to arrive sometimes near the year of 2019 which is the closest estimated guess up to dates. While no one know the exact date, it is confirmed the releasing of The Sims 5 is all based on how well The Sims 4 sales production result is. Ofcourse that means the more copied getting sold, the better the chances we will get to see its future sequel.

sims 5 release date

The SIMS 5 Release Date

Grand Rodiek, the original producer for mostly all of the Sims series stated in a public announcement that it is unlikely right now for another sequel after The Sims 4 to happen. He said “We are not working on the “Sims 5” and also we are not thinking about it. If The Sims 4 isn’t successful, there won’t be a “Sims 5“. basicly that is a summary of his statement but the interesting thing is that quote sooner was deleted and we are not so sure about the reason for that but this just increase our hopes greatly on the chances of The Sims 5 will get release to us sooner or later on.

There is nothing more disappointed than not being able to see a sequel to this great game series. Considering it is one of the main franchise title from EA games for so long, it is hard to believe that they would want to stop production for this title. Based on the report from “The Entertainment Software Association (ESA)” datasheet information that we’ve obtained, the top 20 selling computer games in 2014 ranked “The Sims 4” as one of the top seller on the chart which is an incredible accomplishment.

The Sims game series has a very long history dated back all the way to 1989 when the original title “SimCity” get introduce to us and then soon after that “The Sims” was release in 2000. Moving forward to 2004, we get to see Sims 2 getting launched which turn out to be a very successful. After a long wait, “The Sims 3” get release in 2009 and finally Sims 4 got launched in 2014. There is like a 4 to 5 years gap between each series so we can expect that the 5th titles should be sometime in 2019.


While there’s no actual confirmation date or any clues or hints yet giving out to us of when Electronic Arts will decide on to release their next awesome game to our addicted Sims fans and players. The best thing that we could do for now is try to estimate the date it would get release which could be sometimes near the year of 2019 since The Sims 4 was initially launched in September of 2014 which is only roughly around 2 years ago. There is no news or updates about EA will continue on making the next series for this game or have they even started to work on the next SIMS project yet but from the way how successfully The SIMS 4 turn out to be like, it is highly possible that they are in the process of beginning this project very soon. So just stay tune for more information to come.

SIMS 5 Game Overview:

The SIMS is a simulation of real life event where you can create and develop your own characters and their socializing skills. It gives you a lot of customization options to create your own dream desired world.

You can control many life’s aspects of your created character’s personality and behaviors including how they interact with other people around them, their movement, and their appearance as well. Once you have finished with customizing your character personal habits, you can then choose which path or route in life they should take such as their main profession, their education degree, and their family life as well as their romantic love life.

The SIMS is all about creating a world of your own but stored it inside a Virtual Reality gaming world. It is a really fantastic and a very fun game to play that came with a lot of creativity involves and a massive freedom of choices for you to choose from.

In the latest series which is The Sims 4, you are able to design the way how your character’s homes look including the locations and the landscapes of the house that you are planning to build. You get to build a virtual simulation life when you are playing The SIMS and hopefully, you can transform it into something special of your own. Use your imagination as your limitation because there is unlimited outcomes in this game that you can expect.

The Sims 5 Release Date:

There are tons of rumors about the release date for The Sims 5 from all over the internet. Fans from everywhere is wondering if EA will make another great title like the previous series and turn it into something even greater. However, there was a notice released from the EA’s head developer. As stated, unless the sale of The Sims 4 game is going really well, which has already been proven to extremely great, then we can expect the next installment series to be coming out pretty soon as close as the year of 2019! The downside of this condition is that if the total sale for The Sims 4 isn’t as expected and fail to meet up with their expectation result, then there will not be a future version of this game get release to us which is also known as Game Over!



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