Here we will be posting up to date news contents about the releasing date, gameplay, game designs, and trailers for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto GTA 6 game! We hope that this game will have an early launch date so that we can get the action story started!

gta 6 news


I would like to mention that there are a lot of fake rumors including trailers all over YouTube about GTA 6 Gameplay is already out. How do they make fake trailers and character designed, is by using the old GTA 5’s gameplay version and add some mods to it and called it GTA 6 Trailer.

The most recent rumors including Rockstar might use Tokyo as the next new city host for Grand Theft Auto 6 but the whole plan was deadly dropped due to the inconvenience transportation and road condition over there. Since GTA is a game that involved a lot of crime’s activities, Rockstar will most likely trying to look for a city that has the highest crime rates like Chicago or Las Vegas the Sin City.

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