GTA 6 Mods

This will be the upcoming page for the future of GTA 6 Mods game. As everyone already known, In the Grand Theft Auto world, there are such awesome things called Mods short for “Modification Files” which when you installed it correctly into your Game Folder will allow you to play GTA 6 with additional bonus options such as customize character skins, face, cars. You can even play as an animal such as a dog or a whale or even an elephant. Also, you can become any super hero characters such as The Incredible Hulk, Superman, and much more!

Below are the current most popular mods in GTA 5 that could most likely get released later for the GTA 6 Mods aswell!


super yacht

The giant Super Yacht mods is one of the most popular mods out there with over 36,000 downloads. This yacht is actually from the GTA Online version but got customized to be available on the offline mode too.

gta 6 mod

The Police Trainer Mod is another great mod that allows you to change any police office outfit, facial, spawn location while in the game.


benny motorworks

Here you can customize and do upgrades to any of your cars with this very useful mods.


open all interiors

This is the “Open All Interiors Mods” just like how the name stated, this mod will open up all locked door in the game for you meaning you will have full access to all locations that was used to be locked during regular gameplay mode.


tron mod

The Tron Mod will be one of the coolest GTA 6 Mods that will ever get imported from the previous generation to the new one if the developer really planning to make it happens. This mod was created by someone name “TestedModz” and basically, it replaces the original Daemon Bike from the game with the Tron Bike layout design which is a pretty awesome experiences to play around with!



Here is a video sample on youtube that you can watch for a preview