Are you looking for some really good GPS directions in GTA 4? well search no further, because here is the right direction with a very detail GTA 4 maps for you to see which place you want to go to. Below is the map of New York Liberty City.

Here is a brief overview of Liberty City: It is another name for New York City because of the Statues of Liberty located here hence how it got the name Liberty City. New York is one the most crowded and busiest City in all 52 states of the U.S because of daily tourist attractions and business hosting in one location called the Time Square. The main reason why you could travel around the city with so much ease because the game creator of Grand Theft Auto IV has greatly reduced the amount of pedestrian and traffics in every road and streets which is a great beneficial thing for us players to explore the game much easier.



gta 4 maps


Click image to enlarge for more details view.



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