Here is a list of all the main and most important characters in Grand Theft Auto GTA 4. I hope this list will manage to help you guys understand more to the storyline as you continue to play into the game you will get to meet one by one and know more details about each individual of there backgrounds.


Niko Bellic

gta 4 main character
As everyone should have known by now that he is the main protagonist of GTA 4. He was born in Eastern Europe and became a soldier there but later his cousin Roman tell him to escape to New York Liberty City to erased his negative past. The plan did not went so well because it turn out his cousin was not being too honest with him.


Dimitri Rascalov

Dimitri Rascalov gta 4 characters

Dimitri is a character who was born in Eastern European which you will meet sometimes in the game. He worked under Mikhail Fasutin, and he is like his right hand man. They had a really good and close relationship as friends but soon fell apart because of Fasutin’s drugs use abuse.


Gerry Mcreary

Gerry Mcreary
Gerry is the McReary family’s head member and also the one who is in charge of everything in the house. He work under the Pegorino Family and have done some really tough job for them.


Kate Mcreary

KatieMcReary gta iv char
Kate is one of Niko’s girlfriend later on into the story and she is the only good family member of the McReary that doesn’t commit any innocent crime.


Mikhail Faustin

Mikhail Faustin gta vi

He is a guy with extreme commanding power in Grand Theft Auto 4. Mikhail is a hard headed person who likes to do everything by his own will and doesn’t bother to listen to anyone advices. He also later work with Niko together as a team.


Manny Escuela


Manny is a former gang member who decided to walk on the good path to change his life and other. He run the St. Mary’s Community project to help stop kids in the street from being bad like him.


Ray Boccino

Ray Boccino

Ray was introduce to Niko by Packie and is the guy who later helped Niko in search of someone though under one condition that Niko have to help him back later on with his own problem.


Jimmy Pegornio

Jimmy Pegornio

Jimmy is the boss of Phil Bell who was then introduce him to Niko.


Roman Bellic

Roman Bellic
Bellic has stayed in New York Liberty City for over 15 years and is also Niko cousin. He lied to Niko about a few things in the beginning of the game but also offer Niko Free Taxi service when they keep on going with a good connection.




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