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We don’t have an online forum here at this website however, you can always visit GTA Online Forums and join their discussion. That forum is not related to us but we have searched all over the internet and it seems like it is one of the best forum for Grand Theft Auto online discussions. I hope you enjoy your time and find all the helps you need there.

Anyways, here are some more forums board about GTA Online that you can read from. You can also try Rockstar forums as well but their rules are really strict. They usually don’t allow you to talk about Mods or Hacks on their forum. The moderator there will most likely ban you if they caught you talking about those topics. Plus the verification for Rockstar is a pain sometimes. There are rumors that you might get ban from the game if you are using your Social Club account to log into their forum but I doubt that is the case. I have been signed up to many different online gaming forums and they never ban you from the game if you did anything wrong on the forum.

All right, that’s it guys. If you guys need any help, you can leave comments here.

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