GTA 6 Trailer

There are plenty of fan made GTA 6 Trailers out there and we don’t know which one is official and which one is simply just fake. As for now, we can only hope that RockStar will release to us some more clues of the location that this game will be built on. Recent news stated that Rockstar is intended to make Tokyo as the next installment city of GTA but because of how much works it is to bring the whole crew over there to design the game layout they might have just already canceled that plan.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Video:


At first when I take a look at it, I thought it was for real however after reading the comments below to it, it turn out this is only another GTA 6 Fan Made Trailer video. However, this Trailer video shows the beauty of how the future of Grand Theft Auto 6 could really turn out to be. From the nice smooth waterfall graphic to the stunning train station proving that there could be a lot of good stuff in store for us. This GTA 6 Trailer show how realistic the new car designed can be and how fast it travels. It is also confirmed that Rockstar will not be releasing this game to the PS3 and Xbox 360 console because they worry that their hardware could not keep up to date with the current graphics and performance necessary to run GTA 6 the way how it intended to be ran. Stay tune for more trailer to come!



  1. Yeah but i doubted that this is the real GTA 6 Trailer. Still waiting for official confirmation from Rockstar. Don’t know why it takes them so long just to make a real announcement about this game since it is getting so popular now with tons of rumors!

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