GTA 6 Release Date

There is a very high chance that GTA 6 will get release sometime near 2017 or 2018. Here I will show you a chart of all the recently released dates for Grand Theft Auto series from the first to the latest which is GTA 5. Rockstars has released a total of 11 different series to this game and each one of them has a different story background and City’s location.


gta 6 release


  • Grand Theft Auto 1 the great grandfather of all the GTA series was release in 1997
  • Grand Theft Auto 2 was then release in 1999
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 was released in 2001
  • GTA: San Andreas got released in 2004
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories got released in 2005
  • GTA: Vice City Stories released in 2006
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 released in 2008
  • GTA: The Lost and Damned, Chinatown Wars, and The Ballad of Gay Tony all got released in the same year of 2009!
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 the best from all of the previous series title was released in 2013.
  • GTA 6 status is still unknown but could be sometime late of 2017.


GTA VI Release Date

There is like a 2 years gap between GTA 1 and GTA 2, and another 2 years difference jumping from GTA 2 to GTA 3. Then after a long wait of 7 years later we finally get to see the released of GTA 4. And then 5 years after that, GTA 5 got released until now.

So if you look at the chart and study carefully, you could probably predict that the next installment of GTA 6 will have a high chance of getting release somewhere in late 2017 which could be one of the earliest up to date that could happen because right now we are already in the year of 2016. So that makes somewhere in 2020 is the latest year that it can get released. My real guess is that the next GTA series to be release might not be GTA VI but will be another GTA similar to San Andreas or Vice City. Considering GTA Online was actually one of the GTA version to be release along the timeline of all the other series aswell.

GTA 6 is getting Virtual Reality headset?

A high amount of rumors about why Grand Theft Auto 6 release date could be held back all the way until 2019 is mainly because of the new amazing technology known as VR Headset or Virtual Reality Headset is coming out soon. If you are an owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone then you have probably already got a hand on experience with this awesome new virtual reality tech devices. What this really does is that it allows you to immerse yourself in a whole different kind of world by tricking your eyes, vision, and mind through a pair of goggles headset that you wear over your eyes like an eye patch. They say what you see is what you really believe in. The average price for this kind of VR headset range from as low as $2 to around $2,000. Ofcourse the most expensive one came with the highest level of technology like motion sensor where if you move or tilt your head even a little bit, the camera will follow your movement through the use of motion sensor. Six Flags has already implemented this kind of Virtual Reality world in one of their exclusive Chopper Roller Coaster Ride.

PS3 and Xbox 360 owner no longer get new GTA Online’s Updates!

One sad news that can be confirmed for sure is the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Console will no longer be supported by GTA Online’s new contents. Rockstar recently announced the shut down of GTA Online update contents for these 2 platforms because of the high level amount of space and memory required by the game itself. Hopefully, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will be the only two survival against this deadly hardware battle. Unlike console permanent issue with outdated hardware not able to run newer generation games, PC computer users will never run into such problems due to how they can always upgrade their equipment over the years to meet the system requirements for all their latest games need. However, there are rumors about the new GTA 6 hardware requirement might need up to atleast 16GB of total ram just to get it running at medium settings and a minimum of 100GB of Hard Disk space!

One of the very latest recent rumors predicted that GTA 6 will be an exclusive released only for the PlayStation 4 Console but I doubt that rumor to be 100% true because imagine how much money Rockstar will lose just by not supporting one platform. That could be a total lost of over $200 Million dollars in the long run.

Will there still be cheat codes for GTA 6?

Most likely it will still be there. Cheats has been something that naturally blend in with this type of game. You need to remember that the goal of Grand Theft Auto is to do illegal things like stealing other people cars, wife, house, and rob the bank. So GTA 6 has been confirmed will still have cheat codes activated!

Will there be a censored and uncensored version to play from?

GTA 6 has been well known as one of the most profanity and sexes game ever developed. Many kids are dying to play this game but because of the mass amount of adult stuff in the game, it prevented many parents from letting their kids play such of a game. However, those are the main selling points of every GTA games so the answer is up to 90% NO!


Grand Theft Auto 6 Release News

The latest GTA 6 News are all seems to be a load of fake rumors. Die hard Grand Theft Auto fan is so impatient to wait until the exact date to be released so they keep on using all the data collected from the past GTA series to give an educated guess of how the games will be build like. The latest GTA 6’s trends is which city will GTA 6 be taken places in. As you might have known, GTA 5 was hosted in Los Santos while we already have Vice City and San Andreas along with Libery City also. The biggest vote was New York City.

My real prediction is that because all game company are focusing on the Money market more than anything. So while they can still milk their money off of the latest innovation, they will not be releasing GTA VI very soon. Whenever Rockstar see a big drop in the sale of GTA 6 then its probably the right time for them to make the move on the new stuff.

Now lets talk about GTA 6 price. Considering GTA 4 and 5 both valued at $59.99 when they first got released, i’m suspecting within the next 3 years, the average pricing for new released games wouldn’t change so much. But that is only when we are talking about the DVD Bundle. As internet connection speed keep going faster and faster every years, Digital Downloads become more of a popular choices for gamer to buy from. Their prices is always atleast 20% cheaper than the DVD collection one in store.

3/28/2016 News Update: GTA 6 in Tokyo!

Rockstar is planning to make Tokyo the new City for the next installment in the GTA Series!


GTA 6 Release Trailer

gta 6 trailer

There is actually no valid GTA 6 Trailer out yet because it is too early for any type of event like that to happen. However, from the way how GTA 5 Deathwish ended also known as GTA 5 Final ending goes, we can highly confirm that both Michael, Trevor, and most likely Franklin will still be reappearing in GTA VI. We can not even confirm yet if Rockstar has really already made a move on this Project. Rumors say that because of the recently GTA Online releases, Rockstar might focus their game developers more in the GTA Online project. We know for sure that they are absolutely in no rush to get the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 to come out because 1, there is no competition against them for this type of game and 2, GTA 5 is still ranked as the top most sold game in all the Grand Theft Auto series so they will atleast try to use this version to get as much more cash out of your pocket before moving on to the next level. You can also go here to check out the rumor GTA 6 Trailer to make some predictions of how the game would turn out to be like in the future.


GTA 6 Characters Trailer:



Please leave some comments if you have any good information about the where about of the upcoming GTA 6 Release date. Thanks!


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  1. Can’t wait for the upcoming release date of this game. The game for sure will not be hosted in any of the previous city that we know about. I say GTA 6 will be located somewhere in New Mexico or New York City! That would be so damn awesome.

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