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There are a lot of places to be desire when we think about where Rockstar could be hosting the upcoming future home location for GTA 6, so we will list all of the possibility Map layout and locations of what we believe in could be the next permanent home town for Grand Theft Auto VI. At the very least, we would expect them to choose one of the most violence city fill with crimes, strip clubs, casino and cash money to be dealt with. All of those theme’s key words really match up with city such as Las Vegas: The Sin City, Chicago which has a very high crime rates, and Detroit where all kind of corruptions is happening. Unless Rockstar decided to try something totally new and head toward International countries just to find some better places to host this game then those following 3 cities are the top best area for the next GTA series’s installment location.


GTA VI Tokyo’s Map

gta 6 map

The first location I would like to pinpoint out is Tokyo. Even though Rockstar has already dropped the plan on building GTA VI Map at that country, we still hope maybe they will change their mind in the future since Tokyo is a wild city with many city and towns to explore from. Tokyo is the Capital of Japan and is the home of more than 15 Million human beings estimated head counts in 2016. It has a lot of special places from Anime shopping mall to Neon light skyscrapers. What’s most interesting about the city of Tokyo is they have plentiful of Cherry blossoms tress in the street similar to California palm trees.


GTA 6 Las Vegas: Sin City Map

gta 6 future map

There’s a very high chances that Las Vegas the Sin City will be the next home location for Grand Theft Auto 6 because it is filled with extreme Entertainments and Attractions for player to explore. From one of the largest Casino in the world to legalize Prostitution’s brothel and strip clubs. If you didn’t know much about the state of Las Vegas, Nevada is the only state in the U.S that allow Prostitution’s businesses to be legal so no wonder why they called Las Vegas as the City of Sin. Why hasn’t Rockstar uses Las Vegas as one of the playable city from the very beginning is still an unknown subject. So far, nothing has been confirmed yet but there’s a lot of clues that lead us to this city as one of the new location.


GTA VI Map layout video:



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