GTA 6 Fake Rumors!!!

On this page, I will list all of the make up and fake rumors about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 video games. A lot of people just have nothing else to do with their free time so instead of doing something productive, they decided to start up their Photoshop program and start making some fake pictures and videos about the future game GTA 6. It is really hilarious of all the things that was made up to the point of unbelievable!

Here is a few of them:

GTA 6 and Devil May Cry combine

I don’t know how in the world did anyone could come up with such a stupid idea becasue these 2 games are total mix and match. Grand Theft Auto 6 is a game about human killing one another while Devil May Cry is about Demon, Vampire, imagination fantasy. This story was on one of the random blog on wordpress website and now it totally disappear in the recycling bin.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will only be releasing for the PlayStation 4

Someone gave up some rumors around 3 weeks ago about Rockstar decided to only be releasing GTA 6 to the PS4 as an exclusive games however this is not to be true because I know for sure they will never do such things. This will make them lose so much money in the long run unless they got a really good deal from Sony to not allow them to release it on any other platform.

2Pac will be the next main character of GTA 6!

gta 6 rumors

This one totally made my day. Some random dude on youtube made a fake video trailer of 2PAC appearing in the game as the main protagonist with his USA do-rag  on and wearing a white pinkish T-Shirt. Along side of him was his long time buddy and feature co-singer Snoop Dogg. The video went Viral for a few months but then he decided to remove it from YouTube so its no longer to be found.

GTA 6 to be hosted in San Andrea

Once again, another fake theory that Rockstar will bring back the San Andrea map. I don’t see why would they wanted to do such things when there are so many other great and bright bigger city out there for us to explore in. Everyone is looking forward for it to be located in rich city like Las Vegas or something similar.

Xbox 360 and PS3 will be supported

From the way how GTA Online support was shut down for both of this console starting September of 2015, It is hard to believe that the Xbox 360 and PS3 will continue to have this game.

Microsoft recently announced the discontinuation of all Xbox 360 production so I guess that will end this platform rumors war.



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