GTA 6 Fake Full US Map Location Rumors

So a few weeks ago, I’ve came by a topic from a random website that said something about GTA VI will go viral, and when I mean by Viral, I meant Big! The crazy rumors was about how Grand Theft Auto 6 future location landmark will cover up the whole entire map of the United States! I was like Oh my God! That is unbelievable and nearly impossible yet at this point!

gta 6 full map

For Rockstars to spend enough time to cover up every single city, roads, street, hotels, strip clubs, mountains, rivers, and oceans in the entire U.S.A is way too much overwhelming of a rumors at this particular point of time.

The number reason is with GTA 5 for the PC version game files, it took nearly 65GB of hard drive space to install the game fully and that is just with only 1 City location “Los Santos” covered. Now if you think about it, 52 States times 65GB is nearly 3.5K GB in data size. The GTA: Online version already out-storage the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 maximum capacity so I doubt that even a PS5 will be able to handle such a bigger game.

Do me a great favor and please don’t believe in such crazy wild rumors because it just so untrue and make everyone disappoint of the future outcome for this game series.



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