GTA 6 Character Rumors & News Updates

Will GTA 6 be getting a whole new characters make over for look and designs, everyone is waiting to know the real face of each new character soon to be introduce into the game. While Rockstar has not mention anything yet about planning to replace Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips the three main character from Grand Theft Auto 5, it is rumors that Rockstar will have a female as a protagonist of the game due to Lindsey Lohan influence.

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GTA 6 Female Characters?

The reason why everyone loves to play GTA is because of the massive freedom of doing things that you could not do outside of the game legaly like robbing the bank, committing murder, killing polices, and many other things so if Rockstar is planning to choose between female or male as the main protagonist, it is better to stick with the Male gender because they are known in history of mankind to have the worst criminal behavior. For an example, a female character will not curse like a male character or say funny sex jokes that we all so used to, and i haven’t mention anything about going to the strip club.

It hasn’t been confirm if Rockstar will allow more than 1 main playable characters in GTA 6 but since Online mode and team work begin to become such a popularity, there is a high chance that they will continue on with this game formula.

Because of GTA 5 main photo theme is about Lindsey Lohan, rumors say that the next girls to be on GTA 6 could be Jennifer Lopez or Miley Cyrus. I would like Miley Cyrus to be one of the main playable characters in GTA 6 due to high drama as of recently in the public. However, when it comes to put anyone such as a real celebrity into the game, there is always legal issue that must be taken care first because this is resemble as a form of advertisement.

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GTA VI Character Customizing with more Options

There will definitely be more customizing options when it comes to creating a new character in GTA 6. You can put your bet on Rockstar’s Team that they will shipped Grand Theft Auto 6 with a massive amount of new character category options like new hair color, skin tone, necklace, watches, gender, size, height will all be taking into consideration when making a new character. People like to be different from one another in the game just to show off who they are and what they can become. Players want to have the ability to make their own special style to stand out among the other especially when it comes to Online mode. Rockstar is smart enough to know what other game players think and always put this into their development steps.


Watch this unofficial video about the upcoming character’s appearance in GTA 6:




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