GTA 6 Cars

What is the best Car that will make an appearance into Grand Theft Auto VI? This kind of question could only be answer by the game developers at Rockstar’s Headquarter. However, its very simple and easy to make a wild guess on the upcoming future cars in GTA VI. All we have to do is check out the latest models and years from different car makers like “Honda, Toyota, Mercedes” and sports car manufactor like “Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ferrari”.


gta 6 cars

Here is the latest 2016 – 2017 cars model that could very likely make an appearance in GTA 6!

gta 6 cars buick 2017 mercedes 2016 lambo11


GTA 6 Vehicle

There are thousands of new car’s models get introduce to us every years so expect GTA 6 to have at least over 100 set of new cars for us to grand theft auto! The more is the charming is what everyone would like to see considering GTA 5 car’s collections was from 4 years ago. There will absolutely be new Bikes, Helicopter, and Sports car.


GTA 6 Bikes

gta 6 bike2016 gta bike








You will get to experience a whole different level of speed and vibrations from the new Bike in GTA 6. Rumor say that one of the fastest Suzuki 2016 bike will get debut into Grand Theft Auto 6 and few other super speed motorcycle vehicle including the Yamaha YZF-R1, Kawasaki Ninja, Honda CBR1000RR which all exceed 60MPH in less than 3 seconds!

GTA 6 Super Sports Cars

GTA 6 Vehicle sportscar gta







Sports car are the most favorite type of Vehicle that will exist in any Grand Theft Auto series. The reason why because they are extremely fast and easy to control with high durability than regular cars. Plus they look really nice and sexy. One of the fastest well known car in GTA 5 was the Bugatti Veryon also known as the Adder. It is a very rare car that can only be hunt down at a certain location and there is actually no cheat codes that could spawn it right away for you so that’s make it even more special. There is no doubt that Rockstar will be adding more Super Sports car similar to that of the Bugatti like the Lamborghini for sure. In my own opinion, the Ferrari is my top favorite due to its sleek smooth design that no other cars has. However, if i get to choose, i would prefer a Bike over any ride when it comes to completing a fast mission.

Here is a video that you can watch for fun, even though most of the vehicle in this trailer is actually old models which already existed in previously GTA version:


I hope you enjoy all the cars collection!


Future GTA 6 Vehicle:

gta 6 cars



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