When it comes to a Rated R video game like Grand Theft Auto V, you know for sure that things like Strippers is a big topic to be discuss about because it can bring so much interesting events that could happen in the game similar to real life situations. In GTA 5, Strippers are everywhere in the streets. You can go to a random bar or a random club and you will see them dancing on the pole. Just remembered to be extra careful and don’t kill any of them while you are a mission because your wanted level will go skyrocket high and the police will be after you 24/7. The strippers in GTA V are usually dressed up with only a top and bottom bikini clothing on.

gta strippers club

If you prefer hookers, you can always pick up a high class prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto V by driving around with a nice looking cars because that will make you look more attractive to them and make them believe that you are a really rich looking person. The best time to go for hookers hunting is during the night time when the sun is about to go down. They mostly never appear in the daytime so during the night time is your best chances to find them. In Los Santos, the location that filled with the most strippers & prostitutes are places next to a bar, subway and behind an abandon building. You really need to spend some time driving around the red district area until one appear.


Here is a list of Stripper’s Pictures in GTA V that you can find while playing in the game.

grand theft auto 5 strippers GTA 5 stripper gta v strippers gtav strippers strip


If you do by any chance get to meet up with a hookers, you will see the prices option appear on the top left hand corner of your screen. There will be a total of three options for you to choose from. You can pay them by services or you can pay them for the full packages. If you chose not to pay them, they will automatically leave your car and walk away, so its pretty much up to your decision on how the outcome would be like. Once you have selected the amount of money you would like to pay them, they will start to do their job and after they’ve finished, they will say that “you are a good guy and they would like to see and talk with you again in the future”. That’s it!



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