In Grand Theft Auto V, Larry Tupper is a long time drug dealing customer of Trevor and is also a bail jumper. He was born in the city of San Andreas in 1986 and died at the age of 27. His main occupation is selling Meth and he used to buy drugs from Trevor but later move onto another dealer. He also have some sort of connection with one of the The Lost MC gang members.


Larry Tupper’s Locations:

larry tupper
He is usually located in an old farm somewhere near the southwestern part of Grand Senora Desert . However, before you can reach to Larry Tupper, you will need to take out 3 of his body guard members. You can easily use a Sniper Rifle to eliminate his three teammates but try to aim from the head for a quick kill. Larry will try to find an escape so you have to act really fast before he disappear into thin air. Run or drive directly to the Bison area and then try to run him over with your car lightly but not enough to kill him because you will need him to be alive, otherwise you can not complete your mission. Once he is captured by you, he will reveal all of his past secrets history information about him and Trevor and other gang members.

gta larry tupper







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