The easiest way to switch between characters in GTA 5 when you are stuck on one character is to use your D-Pad controller pad and hold the down directional button once you done that, you will see a wheel symbol pop up with the selection of your 3 characters pictures in the menu. Here is the tricky part, while  you still holding on to your down button the D-Pad, you have to use your right stick to select the character that you want to play. This is for the Xbox and PlayStation platform.

If you have the PC version read below.

How to Switch Characters In GTA 5 for PC players

During gameplay, if you for some reason could not switch to another character that you prefer, try to use the F or F5 keys while pressing on your Left Alt key. If that doesn’t work, sometimes restarting the game also helps. Another method is by going into Online Mode, then press Left Alt to switch characters and then go back to normal mode.

The last resort is to wait until you recieve a phone call from another character in the game. Once that happened, you will be able to switch to the character you want. This is a known glitch that has been causing many players to suffer in the game. Rockstar hasn’t release any news about the fix of this bug.

gta 5 switch characters

Here is another method that you can try:

1 – First close GTA V compeletely.

2 – After that, Press  on the Windows key +’R’ from your keyboard and then copy and paste the following “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V” and hit ok or enter.

3 – This will open up the Save file folder for you.

4 – Copy all of the contents in  ther to your desktop

5 – Once the copy process has finished, make sure that all of your contents in the ‘USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V’ are deleted.

6 – Now try to load the game again. It should let you switch characters like normal.



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