Are you looking for an easy way to obtain the GTA 5 Tank Cheats for the PS3 and Xbox 360 console? Well here I will show you how to get this cheat works. You can get the Tank, Jetplane, and Airplane all in the same location.

gta 5 tank cheats xbox ps3

GTA 5 Tank Cheats PS3 & Xbox 360

There is no real cheat codes that will allow you to spawn a tank immediately in GTA 5 however, you could actually spot one in the game by going straight to Fort Zancudo military base which can be located very easy on your map.

Once you there, drive in the Entrance of Fort Zancudo and you will see a Military tank. Jump on the tank and start going in.

From the same military base, there is also a jet plane where you can steal. However, becareful when you hop into the Jet plane and try to fly away from their base because they will start shooting missile at you.

Fort Zancudo’s Map and Satellite View, Click image to Enlarge:

gta_5_tank locationFortZancudoSatellite
If you are not satisfied with the fighter plane and or the tank, you can hop in your car and drive directly to the airport terminal. Once you at the airport, head to the right hand side and break into their private entrance. Keep going and you will see an Airplane, once you hop in the airplane get away as soon as you can before you get caught by the airport security guard. There might be some helicopter there to chase you off but they won’t be able to catch you.


Here is a video that you can watch on how to get the GTA 5 Tank:



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