Also known as the Lester’s Assassinations missions which is a series of missions assigned to Franklin from Lester Crest.

There are a total of 5 missions to complete. All of them are requiring you to assassinate different targets which in return give Franklin and Lester
a big chance to get a huge amount of cash from the Stock Market.


Ok here is how the missions goes, before you go ahead and start the missions, you will need to go through the preparing and planning stages. The
first step in the Lester Mission is to buy a lot of stocks. Once done, you can begin to sell all of your stocks out once it reached its highest potential even
though this step is done after you completed the Lester assassination missions first.

Overall, you could earn way more than $1 billion dollars after finish this mission. During the missions, Lester will give you some advice on which stock to buy and when is the best time to sell it to gain massive profit. It is unclear why Lester wants you to assassinate all of the 5 targets but we can conclude that because he wanted cash in return as well.

GTA 5 Lester Missions

The following are the mission that you will get assigned to by Lester:

  • The Hotel Assassination
  • The Multi Target Assassination
  • The Bus Assassination
  • The Vice Assassination
  • The Construction Assassination


Basicly, you will receive a special phone call from the payphone by Lester every time he has a new Assassination missions for you to complete. The Lester Mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 are known to be giving out the most money compare to any other jobs available in the game. While it has a lot of steps to complete before you could successfully complete it. It is well worth it to invest your time into this mission to benefit greatly from the Stock Market.


Here is the full video explaining it in more details:





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