GTA 5 Deathwish

GTA 5 DeathWish (The Third Way) Mission’s Ending

In GTA 5 Deathwish is one of the possible ending scene. There are up to 3 different possible ending and one of them is Deathwish which is known as Ending C or Option C in The Third Way Mission.

The requirements for this mission is as followed. You will need to complete the mission in 21 minutes and 30 seconds or less and make atleast 20 headshots. Out of those 20 headshots, you will also need 70% of accuracy or higher. This mission will also required you to take out Stretch using a Melee weapon attack and a headshot to Steve Haine’s head. Finally you will need to use Sticky Bomb as the main method to kill Cheng.


GTA 5 DeathWish Mission Tips & Tricks:

Stretch will be the bald guy wearing a White T-Shirt with a gold chain at his chest. You can use any weapons beside a gun to kill him such as a Knife or a Hammer would be the best.

Spoiler AlertIf you choose “Option C” Deathwish as your choice from The Third Way’s mission. In the end, everyone will be alive including Franklin, Michael and Trevor. The ending cutscene begin with Trevor drive all the way up to the mountain where the sun is about to set and then Michael came to join him after a few seconds. Michael reach in his pocket to lit up a cigarette while waiting for Franklin to arrive and then finally he came with his bike. The 3 gang members then begin to open up the car trunk and Devin was inside of the trunk, mouth covered up with tape and naked. After a few conservation between them, Michael decided to close the trunk and the 3 of them start to push the car down the mountain hill and it exploded. This is one of most perfect ending could happened in GTA 5.



Here is a complete Video link that will show you from the very start of the mission to the ending.




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