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Hello guys, welcome to Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay discussion. At the current moment, it is hard to make any prediction of how GTA 6 gameplay will turn out to be like but for now we can make a wild guess that the future gameplay for GTA VI will be way more advanced than the current version of GTA 5 is in. It has been confirmed that the future game will have more weapons, sports cars, helicopters, missions and a bigger map to explore in along with better graphics and character’s design. It’s easy to say that this game is mainly about doing criminal activities and how to become professional at it. So you can expect the storyline to follow the regular crime style such as killing police officer, robbing the bank and stealing other people cars type of theme and also including wild violence behavior like running over pedestrian sort of stuff. Rockstar promised players that their video games are always becoming better and better every years.


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The biggest change in the future of GTA VI Gameplay would be the introduction of new features such as Virtual Reality headset. We don’t know yet of the way how Rockstar would try to implant such new technology into GTA 6 but expect it to be something really awesome to play with. This could very likely turn the game into 3D capability mode and as well as making this game able to be play in a much bigger screen size mode. Basically, while equipping the VR headset during gameplay, you can experience the game on a much bigger screen size and the camera angle in the game will also be greatly improves aswell.


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I have also seen a few of the Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay video on youtube and I can say that all of them are fan made videos that are said to be Official which is obviously fakes. You should not be trusting them too much on those videos.






GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Video:




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