Cheats for GTA VI on Xbox One

This page will be focus on the future cheats for GTA 6 Xbox One console. We are still waiting for Rockstar to hurry up and release the game to us so we can start playing however, we know that it will still be a long wait to come. While we are waiting for this game to be released, let’s start a little discussion about the future of Grand Theft Auto 6 cheats.


gta 6 cheats for xbox one

How do you think Rockstar will decide which kind of cheats from GTA 5 will get carry over to GTA VI? My guess would be that they will transfer everything over and might even add better codes to it. Its hard to say anything about it right now but from the past Grand Theft Auto titles, we can conclude that every version has the weapon, car,  and character effect cheats such as super jump, faster swim, and unlimited health. However, it is just recently that Rockstar decided not to support the Infinite Money cheats anymore start from Grand Theft Auto V, this is known for because they don’t want to affect the stock market from GTA: Online. So that means that if we want to do anything that required a huge amount of money in the game such as upgrading newer car parts, buying special weapons or luxury sports car, we will have to work hard to earn enough of those cash to actually make any purchase from the game.

For now, there is nothing that we players can do but to continue playing GTA V until there is more news coming out. However, the most recent news we got so far was that GTA 6 might get release sometime next year and it will only be available for the Xbox One and PS4 platform and later on the PC version will get release too. It seems like there will be no support for PS3 or Xbox 360 because of hardware limitations but that has not yet been confirm to us. We can only hope for the best that they will have support for every platform and consoles but that dream might be way far off from reality.


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