Please note the following GTA 6 Cheat codes for the PS4 is only for future reference usage. This is a list of what to be expected cheats that will appear in Grand Theft Auto 6. We can only guess but not yet confirm of the real data.


Cheats for GTA VI on PS4

gta 6 cheats ps4

GamePlay Cheats

Change Weather Forecast – This cheat will allow you to change in game weather during gameplay  to raining, snowy, foggy, night,  or sunny weathers. Re-enter the code multiple times to switch between the environment.

Slow Down – Once activated, you will experience a much slower gameplay’s movement like slow motion.

Money Cheats – A large amount of cash will appear in your bank accounts.

Full Unlock – This cheat will unlock every missions and special playable characters for you.

Wanted Level – Raise or Lower your player wanted level by inputting the code.

Naked Pedestrian – Everyone in the street will be fully naked, Rated R cheat codes be warn!


GTA 6 Weapon Cheats

Unlimited Ammunition – Give you an amount of ammo that will never run out no matter how long you shooting

All Weapons – Loaded your weapon menu list with all the weapons in the game to choose from.

Rocket Launcher – A very powerful item that will destroy anything that you fire at.


Spawning Cheats List

  • Police Car
  • Fire Truck
  • Dumpster
  • Helicopter
  • Taxi
  • Parachute


GTA VI Movement Cheats

Fast Swimmer – Allow you to swim a speed faster than normal.

Unlimited Oxygen – You will never run out of air by using this cheat.

Zero Gravity – Everything will float in the sky.


Character Special Effect Cheats

The Hulk – Once code has been activated, you will turn into a giant green creature that is immune to all bullets and weapons, nothing could kill you but your own anger. Warning: While in the Hulk mode, you will not be able to steal any cars due to his body size.

Giant White Elephant – You will be transform into a big white elephant.

Justin Bieber – You will become the super star known as JB, while in JB mode, everywhere you walk you will experience paparazzi camera light action experiences. There is a chance that you will also get flour bomb.

Godzilla Mode – While in this mode, police helicopter and animal shelter will come to try to capture you.



Please know that this is just an unofficial cheat list for GTA 6, we will need further investigation to get the confirmed list and to see which one will be working and which one can not be activated.


How to input Cheat Codes

While in-game you can use your cellphone to call the correct responding code numbers to turn on the cheats. However, most cheat codes will not work during mission mode or online mode.





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  1. White elephant and godzilla mode sounds interesting to me. but i though those only happens in gta mods, they should atleast have cheats that work during a missions because those are the time when you need them the most.

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