Welcome to GTA 6 Cheats Codes Club for all game consoles! This site is made by fan and for fan and will serve Grand Theft Auto VI cheats for the PS5, PS4, and Xbox One system. We are a team of hardcore Grand Theft Auto players for many years now and always would like to make an awesome fan webpage for it. We love this game so we hope to see the release of GTA VI to come really soon. At the moment, there is no working cheats yet and why is that you ask? Well, it’s very simple, The game hasn’t even got released yet, how can their be working cheat codes for it? There are a few websites out there claiming to be hosting GTA 6 cheat codes but those are obviously fake. Please check back soon for all cheats

Anyways, here are the following cheat codes that we expected to still exist in GTA 6:


Money Cheats

money cheats

The money cheats has been around ever since the beginning of GTA One so its an easy guess to predict that there will be one for GTA 6 however, we can not confirm if there will be a working version for Online Mode. Read more information about money cheat here.


Weapon Cheats

weapon cheats

These are the cheats that allow you to spawn a particular item into your inventory. Such items like parachute, jet-pack, guns, and unlimited ammunition. There is a very high chance that this cheat will be available for sure. So if you are looking forward to massively terrorize everyone around you, this is your best chance to do it!


Vehicles Cheats

car cheats

In Grand Theft Auto, car cheats are among one of the most popular object in the game that you can spawn. Vehicles cheats including but not limited to Super Sport Cars, Helicopter, Airplane, Boats, Bike, Fire Truck, and a whole lot more. Once again, we believe this will also be available in GTA VI cheat list. Check out the future of GTA 6 Car’s Collection here.


Characters, World Map, & Traffic Cheats

traffic cheats

We highly believed that the following three cheat’s categories listed above will also be included in the next version of Grand Theft Auto series so be prepare to have some extra real fun guys! You can check out all of the possible GTA 6 map location to see how this cheat would take effect for each certain city.


GTA 6 Online Cheats?

No confirmation yet if GTA 6 will be getting an Online version but as far as we’ve witnessed, there will be a positive chance that Online mode will still exist in the world of Grand Theft Auto 6. As a thumb of rule, no cheats or hacks are allow during Online’s session or you will get the ban hammer with a timer on your game account. Many people in the past cheated and got locked up in a hobby until their time expire. So be warn not to use any kind of modification or hacks in there.


As you can tell, there are a lot of prediction and calculation that we have to take into consideration for forecasting the outcome of how this game future will be like. By judging from the way how Rockstar managed and developed their games in the past few years, we can clearly guess that the only thing that could might possibly change the most in GTA VI is the Storyline, Character’s Background, and the City Location where the game will be played in since the main whole concept of this game is to steal cars, complete missions, and do crazy things that are illegal in the street. Unlike most other games, Grand Theft Auto is the first only game that you are playing the bad guys as the main character.


Check out this funny GTA 6 Cheats Video:


Please check back soon for more future updates!




  1. I totally agreed with you, Skyfall is a very awesome GTA 6 cheats that they must keep otherwise this game will not be as much entertain like in the past.

  2. GTA 6 should have more cheats than all the other old Grand Theft Auto series since it will be a bigger game for sure. I really hope they have more cars more maps, more cities and more mission to complete since I want the game to last really long. The best cheats that could ever be included in GTA 6 should be Skyfall because that is the coolest cheats of all in the game.

  3. Rockstar should really step up their multiplayer game mode and fix the map in GTA Online because it is way too big. You can barely catch up with any other players during gameplay because everyone is scattering everywhere. I can barely even see my friend’s appearance in the game even when they are on the same server. Too bad there is no working cheats for online play otherwise I would be able to locate them much easier.

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